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Napa is a place of unrivaled beauty and culture. Any person who calls this place home knows it’s one of the best places in the world to live.

But like any community, Napa faces challenges and an uncertain future. The threat of natural disasters including wildfires, drought, and earthquakes and now we add a global pandemic, economic uncertainty and social justice unrest are just a few of the issues that Napa’s leaders must confront.

Protecting what makes this a great place to live requires steady leadership and the ability to take on long-term challenges. With our long-time Mayor Jill Techel retiring, the mayor’s office will be open for the first time in over 15 years. That makes the 2020 race to be the next city’s mayor all the more critical.

Fortunately for us, Napa Council member Scott Sedgley is ready to take the torch and lead the city into a new decade.

Scott has built an impressive coalition of support that counts endorsements from just about every elected official in Napa County, along with worker and public safety organizations. With a base of support that’s diverse and inclusive, it’s clear that Councilmember Sedgley will be able to represent all segments of our unique community.

To protect what makes this a great place, Napa needs a mayor who understands our community’s history and the challenges it faces. He was raised here and attended local schools. His early career as a carpenter allowed him to work on projects that are still part of Napa. With a passion for local history, he can provide context to current day city issues, in addition, to being an ambassador of Napa’s diverse past and its place in California history.

Scott later felt a call to public service and became a Napa firefighter for 30 years, where his natural leadership took him to the rank of captain. His time as a front-line public safety worker shaped his views, taught him how other city departments operate and garnered respect from both city employees and the public he heartedly served. That is the significant firsthand experience he will apply as mayor.

While his career has instilled the values of hard work and public service, his experience serving on the Napa City Council will allow him to lead from day one. Scott has been on the council since 2012 and is the longest-serving current member.

During his council tenure, he helped provide a steady hand as the city went through crisis moments like the 2014 earthquake, 2017 wildfires and was there to lend a hand for our most recent LNU Lightning Complex fires from the evacuation center to the scorched earth and ash filled properties left behind. He also has a wealth of experience to take on tough challenges like housing, transportation, and the environment, while addressing the need for a sustainable diverse economy for our city and residents.

Serving on the council and running for mayor is far more than just a job for Scott, it’s a calling to serve the community he loves. His knowledge of how the city runs means he can get things done while also focusing on the long-term challenges. Scott’s balance of passion and know-how is exactly what we need from our next mayor.

My family has called the Napa region home for over 140 years. I understand what an exceptional place this is, which is why I am proud to say that my colleague Scott Sedgley is ready to lead Napa as mayor.

2020 isn’t just a presidential election. With Mayor Techel leaving the council after 24 years of devoted public service, this is a crucial election for our city as we begin a new chapter under new leadership. Scott has proven he is ready to lead time and time again as a firefighter captain, city council member, and respected community leader.

Councilmember Scott Sedgley deserves your vote for Napa Mayor.

Liz Alessio

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