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With so many people working at home, data vulnerability has increased significantly.  The security measures set up in established corporate office environments are often missing in a home office.  People need new tools to improve the security of their data in their home office and when sharing data with others.  Security of data is particularly important when that data has immediate value, such as with the work of media and entertainment professionals.

Western Digital introduced its ArmorLock Security Platform.  This platform provides a storage device or system with what WDC says is next-gen security.   This platform is targeted to meet the security needs of data and content-oriented use cases such as finance, government, healthcare, IT enterprise, legal and media and entertainment.  Western Digital says that it will apply this security platform across a range of storage solutions.

The first product using this platform is the new G-Technology ArmorLock encrypted NVMe SSD.  This product is targeted at users in the media and entertainment industry.  This industry has to deal with financial losses associated with hijacked media files and leaked films and is eager for new and better ways to protect critical content.  With much collaborative M&E activity using the cloud, that has been a focus of security solutions, but data on portable storage devices, often used to move content from one person to another, is often vulnerable to unauthorized access and subsequent loss.

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The G-Tech ArmorLock encrypted NVMe SSD uses a high performance NVMe SSD with up to 2 TiB capacity (with 1 GB/s read and write speeds) in a rugged and heat dispersing aluminum enclosure with a USB-C (USB 3.2,  Gen 2) connector and works with Mac and Windows OSs.  The drive provides IP67 dust and water resistance, 1,000 pounds crush resistance and can survive a 3 M drop).  The external drive automatically encrypts all its data.  This data is not accessed using an easy to forget or lose password, but rather is accessed via a secure Bluetooth or wired connection to a user’s smart phone that uses zero-knowledge pubic key management.  Since phones use password and/or biometric access, the phone and the app provide access to the encryption key on the drive that unlocks the contents and provides access.

In addition to secure access through a smart phone app, the ArmorLock Security Platform in the G-Tech ArmorLock encrypted SSD has numerous security features built in from manufacturing to end of use.  This security platform leverages WDC’s work with RISC-V and OpenTitan.  WDC also announced that it was releasing its Sweet B high-performance core cryptography library that underlies the ArmorLock Security Platform into  GitHub Open Source.  Sweet B using open source elliptic curve cryptography.  The release includes documentation, a comprehensive test suite and an independent third-party audit by the security research firm Trail of Bits.

The ArmorLock apps can provide the ability of administrators to configure and manage multiple drives and multiple users to control who has access to what.  This enables safe physical shipping of content between physical locations.  Remote user authentication is possible using popular messaging and email services.  The drive also allows fact secure crypto-erase and reformatting in one step and tracking the last known location of the drive on a map.  It also support continued security support, improvements and new features.

Media and entertainment organizations need secure local digital storage products.  WDC’s RISC V-based G-Technology ArmorLock encrypted NVMe external SSD can provide password free encrypted collaborative digital storage for remote work, in the studio and in the field.

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