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In the last six months, I’ve written about face masks. A lot. Face masks have become a part of our new normal. You need one to go to the grocery store, the doctor’s office, and the gym. Basically, you need a mask if you’re going to walk any into building. I’ve tried a lot of masks over the last few months and none of them seem equal to the Uniqlo face mask.

For a long stretch of time, I was using disposable face masks because my mom got a 500-count box from work and she was kind enough to share with me. I eventually made the switch reusable cloth face masks, since I didn’t want to keep producing so much waste with disposable masks. But I still wanted a breathable face mask I could wear, and none of them were satisfying.

I’ve worn bandanas fashioned into face masks, a number of masks that are sold on Etsy, and now, the Uniqlo AIRism face mask. It is, by and large, my favorite face mask. Obviously, I cannot review this mask from a medical standpoint. I’m an editor who works from home with her dog every day. This is entirely based on my own personal experience, but I hope to share a number of instances where this mask has treated me well.

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This is the first cloth face mask I didn’t have to worry about my glasses fogging up. That is a mundane annoyance, I know, but still, a daily annoyance I’d rather avoid. With most other cloth masks, I found my glasses would fog up within the first few minutes of use, whether I was just sitting in the doctor’s office waiting to be seen or running around the grocery store looking for paper towels. It got to a point where I was holding my breath half the time just to avoid the fog.

The first time I used the Uniqlo AIRism mask was for a nail appointment and I found I could breathe without my glasses fogging up, I was honestly afraid that I could breathe too well. Then I realized, I was actually just breathing normally for once in a mask instead of holding my breath. Still, I wanted to test the mask even further and see what it could do. I don’t want to work out in a mask, but can I run in one? The answer is yes… at least, I can run in this particular mask.

Let me add that I am not a big runner. I’ve run on-off for the last seven years, taking long breaks when my knee injury acts up. I’ll never run a marathon, but I’ve run a few half marathons in my life and have those participation medals to prove it. Still, it has been a while since I ran routinely. Like plenty of other people, I’ve gained the Quarantine 15 (not quite literally, but you get what I mean). So, for me, it is safe to safe, if my out-of-shape + exercise-induced Asthma self can run in this mask, so can you.

. Photo: Ana Suarez

Photo: Ana Suarez

To really put the mask to the test, I decided to go for a run midday, on an 88-degree day. The sun was out, shining, and there was barely a cloud in the sky. There wasn’t much humidity, thankfully. Despite the heat, I found that running in this mask was not horrible. When I run, I prefer to do a short run (30 to 45 minutes), where I warm up with a walk, then do intervals of running and walking, for 90 seconds each. I found it was easy to breathe while running in this mask, again, despite being out of shape.

I also wanted to test out of this mask was a fit for any non-running cardio. I gave it a whirl by doing 50 jumping jacks, squats, burpees, mountain climbers, and toy soldiers. None of the cardio I threw at this mask was much of a match. I obviously would prefer to do all of these workouts without a mask, but if I want to go to an indoor gym, I’ll need a mask. And if I run in a crowded park, I’ll need a mask. So, it is a very good option to know that I can breathe in this mask while working out.

The AIRism face mask has a high-performance filter to keep you dry from splashes, with inner and outer materials that have been changed for improved breathability. The three-tier structure has a first layer of fabric that wicks away moisture, a second layer with a washable, built-in filter, and a third layer using an AIRism Mesh that blocks UV rays.

The Uniqlo AIRism face mask is available in two colors currently (white and black), with a gray color slated to release mid-September. Each color is available in three sizes: small, medium, and large.

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