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As working from home continues to remain prevalent, it’s important to have the technology that keeps you best connected to your colleagues. Whether your meetings are on Skype or Zoom, or you’re hosting live streaming events on Facebook or YouTube, having a high-quality webcam has never been so important.

While many laptops and desktop computers have built-in webcams, the quality is often baseline. For high-definition video and audio-enhancing features, you need an external, adaptable webcam.

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Most webcams connect to your computer through the USB port. They can clip on top of your computer over the spot where the built-in webcam is, or you can play with the positioning to get your desired angle.

What Makes a Good Webcam?

If your primary need for a webcam is participating in video conferences, the most important things to consider are video image quality and output sound.

The webcams we have selected are all 1080 pixel HD webcams. For further image clarity, some models have an increased rate of video frames per second, which will prevent you from looking distorted. Other models have wider-than-usual angels – up to 110 degrees – which opens up your space and makes viewers feel like they are in the room with you.

When it comes to audio features, it’s important to make sure the microphone has the ability to reduce noise. Working from home comes with its share of unpredictable background noise, but with the right webcam, you can limit the distractions for both yourself and your colleagues.

While all webcams do not necessarily with all software, there are professional-grade models for both Windows and Mac computers – just be sure to check their compatibility.

2. Anivia 1080p HD Webcam

When it comes to working from home, clear communication is key. With this webcam in your home office, your colleagues will feel like they are sharing a meeting room with you thanks to its noise-reducing analog microphone. Stereo audio technology also works to make sure your recordings are clear and natural sounding. We especially love this webcam because it supports multiple software systems. Whether you use Windows or Mac computers, this webcam will adapt. It clips on easily to your computer screen too, with a flexible hinge to help you get the right angles and positioning.

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