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Happy Tuesday-that-feels-like-a-Monday to you all. 

Getting back into the swing of work after a long weekend is always a challenge, but for many of us working from home, it can be even harder. 

Without a commute, or getting dressed up, it can be easier to stay up later on the proverbial school night, and easy to hit the snooze buttons on our alarms closer and closer to our log-on times. That can lead to bad sleep patterns, fuzzy starts to the day and even pajama-clad mornings behind the desk (speaking for a friend, of course, I would never, I promise my editors who are reading this). 

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Figuring out how to structure our days can be hard, because during the six months of the pandemic, so many of us have clung to the hope that things would get back to normal “soon.” But it’s worth putting in some effort to make our work days more structured and efficient, if only to make sure we’re not yawning through Zoom meetings.

Today’s home office inspiration

For some people working from home, a desk tucked away in the living room corner isn’t cutting it. 

Interest in backyard sheds as potential home offices (or homeschool rooms, or home gyms) have increased exponentially during the pandemic, USA TODAY Money reports. Cheaper than building an attachment onto your home (but still very pricey), sheds are taking the home office to a whole new level. 

“A lot of companies are allowing their employees (to work) from home from now on if they choose. So everybody is scrambling to find space to put their computer,” Tim Vack, general manager at Modern-Shed, said. “People are growing tired of putting their laptop on their dining room table, or their kitchen countertop.”

For those lucky enough to afford the cost (and have the space) for these office sheds, they offer more separation between work and home, which is tougher than ever these days.  

“I have this routine at the end of my day where I lower my standing desk, I shut the shades, I turn off my air conditioner I turn off the lights, I lock my door and I commute home, just a few steps away,” one shed-owner we spoke to said. 

Here are a few pictures of the prettiest sheds featured in the article.

a garden in front of a house: Modern-Shed

© Modern-Shed Modern-Shed

Read the low-down on sheds here.  

Today’s reads

Today’s pet

I have really admired people who have been fostering animals during the pandemic, and here are two such kittens from New York City. 

These twin girls are named Kieran and Kingsley, and if they haven’t already been scooped up for adoption since I received their picture in late August I’ll be pretty shocked. 

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