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back to schoolSouthern Humboldt public school students start distance learning on Monday. We spoke to Tori Miclette, the director of Human Resources and Communication for the District and she gave us the rundown on what to expect.

The first thing she wanted to let parents know was “don’t panic.” The District understands this is new and can be challenging, but they have processes in place to help those who are struggling to figure out how to connect the first day.

Each student will be connecting via phone or computer between 8:30 and 9 each weekday morning to their teacher/homeroom teacher. Teachers and administrators will be in contact via phone or virtual classroom with students every day. Tomorrow, Monday, August 31, teachers/homeroom teachers will be calling each student to connect with them for the first day of school. From then on, it is the student’s responsibility to make contact with the teacher for attendance.

Most people should have already gotten the Zoom link to their student’s homeroom teacher. But, this is where the ‘don’t panic’ part is important…”If they didn’t have their information… if they couldn’t get it, their teachers would be reaching out to them individually by phone on Monday, the first day of school,” Miclette said. “Don’t panic. You will be contacted.”

So Monday morning at 8:30 (if they have already received the link) they can zoom or call their homeroom teacher for attendance. If not, the teacher should be making contact with the parent.

“We must take attendance to get our funding this year,” the District’s website stresses. “This is very important. Students must join their classroom zoom every day. This can be done by logging in online, through the zoom app on a phone or device, or by calling the phone number and dialing the access code.”

They add, “This morning meeting can be used to ask questions regarding your requirements, the distance learning process, and getting to know your teachers and classmates. If you miss the morning zoom, you will need to call in to the office so that we can check in with you.”

“The other thing that is going to be happening Monday,” Miclette explained, “is packet pickup and delivery.” This first week the packet will have Back-to-School packet registration information and teacher letters. (See below for individual school links–go there for times of pickup)

Most weeks, the packet pickup For South Fork High School, Miranda Junior High, and Redway Elementary will be on Fridays. Packet pickup for Casterlin Elementary and High School will be on Wednesdays between 8:30-2pm. And Whitethorn Elementary will have packets available for pickup on Mondays between 11am-12pm.  This week’s pickup for SFHS and MJH will be on both Monday and Friday. The schedules for picking up the packets are at the links for each school provided below.

“We are doing packets for everyone,” Miclette told us. “Students also have the options to get online with their teachers through Zoom and through Google classroom. Teachers will also be teaching lessons to the class. Monday through Thursday mornings will be class sessions. In the afternoon are appointments for individualized help with your teacher.”

Miclette noted, “The Board approved to purchase Chrome books on a one to one basis. We would like to have a device for each student in the district.”

She also wanted parents to know: “Right now the lunch is only able to serve students enrolled in our school district. Anyone experiencing food insecurity at this time please contact for the family resource center.” The number is (707) 943-1172.

Miclette reiterated, “We know there is a lot of information to take in. We understand the technology divide in our community. We will be working with parents and students.”

Information Broken Down by School. The Distance Learning link for each is in their name:

  • SFHS/MJH – FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL – MONDAY, Aug 31st – Back to School packets will be going out along the van route per the online schedule (usually on Fridays). On Friday, September 4 – First work packets go out per schedule online. Regular packet days are every Friday.
  • REDWAYMONDAY, Aug 31st  NO PACKETS will be going out. This is just the students first contact with teachers. On Friday, September 4 Back to School Packets and Work Packets will be available for pick up at Redway School between 10-2. Regular Packet day is every Friday.
  • WHITETHORNMONDAY, Aug 31st  Back to School Packet/Work Packets available for pick up at Whitethorn School between 11-12 p.m. Regular Packet day is Monday.
  • CASTERLIN Elementary  –MONDAY, Aug 31st Back to School Packets and Work Packets available for pick up at Casterlin 8:30-2pm Wed 9/2 – Second Packet Pick up for Casterlin Elementary Regular weekly packets on Wed. 8:30-2
  • Casterlin High School (link coming soon)MONDAY, Aug 31st  Back to School and Work Packets available for pick up at Casterlin High School 8:30-2 NO PACKETS ON 9/2 for High School Wed. 9/9 Second Packet for Casterlin High School 8:30-2Regular Packet day for Elem. & HS is  Wednesdays between 8:30-2pm

Links to Distance Learning Sites for SHUSD:

Overall page for the District:

South Fork High School:

Miranda Junior High School:

There will be a special board meeting Monday at 10:30 a.m. to Consider “Further Action to Approve Necessary Small High School at Casterlin.”

Public Comment can be made directly in the zoom meeting or by submitting your comment in writing to the board prior to the session you are commenting on.

Public Comments can be sent to [email protected] Please use the agenda item number and title in the subject line.

If your public comment is not received prior to the start of the meeting it will be presented to the board at the next regular board meeting under Correspondence, so that the board may address any comments or questions at that time.

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