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HIGH POINT — Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott say the COVID-19 pandemic has led to heightened interest in the home and in home improvement projects, a development that could have major ripple effects for the home furnishings industry.

The HGTV “Property Brothers” stars, known for helping consumers reimagine their living spaces, say the pandemic has consumers reimagining their own living spaces now that they are spending so much more time at home.

In a wide-ranging Zoom interview with Furniture Today during its online Bedding Conference, the brothers talked about the new home renaissance, the importance of a good mattress, their brand partnership with Restonic and the launch of their new quarterly home living publication, “Reveal.”

“While everyone has been in isolation at home, there has been an escalation in home improvement projects,” said Drew Scott. “A lot of people have been redoing their homes and renovating their homes, or at least the furniture design of their homes. There have been a lot of changes. That has kept us busy.”

Added Jonathan Scott: “More people at home means more people on top of each other. So you want to make sure your house really functions.”

The two said the pandemic is raising awareness of what consumers want in a comfortable home.

“You definitely see a new appreciation for the creature comforts of home,” Jonathan Scott said. “People are spending more time at home. They have the ability to work from home, so we’re seeing a lot of people having multi-use spaces that can be a home office or maybe a home gym. They are making sure their bed, the furniture they use the most, is giving them that rest and support they need.”

With all of the additional time that many people have at home with the rest of their family, they

“realize the small things they can tweak to get better enjoyment out of their space,” Drew added.

The changes brought about by the pandemic will be lasting, the brothers said.

“The experts have said that beyond the current pandemic, they do believe online shopping is probably going to be at least 50% higher than it was before for good, and it will continue to grow from there,” Jonathan Scott said. “Even when it comes to how we design products, we are changing so we can engage with our manufacturers and our design teams remotely.”

Scott Living has been a long-time partner of Restonic, and the brothers both appreciate the importance of a good night of sleep.

“Most people forget about the bedroom, and they forget about the bed,” Drew observed. “It’s a furniture piece you spend a third of your life on. … How you sleep affects every aspect of your life. We believe everyone deserves a great night’s sleep. That’s why we put the technology we have in our Scott Living mattresses.”

“No two mattresses are created the same,” Jonathan added. “It’s very important people understand what they need.”

He noted that consumers shouldn’t skimp on their mattress.

“It is important to understand that a good mattress is a good investment,” he said. “We encourage people not to settle, not to look for a bargain discount basement feel. That’s not going to help you with the quality of your life.”

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