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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) -Angela Singleton is an Educational Consultant that helps families choose the best educational plan for their child.

“There are endless options,” said Singleton.

Around March, when the pandemic forced school closures, she saw more and more parents showing interest in the homeschooling option.

“From March until now, we have had anywhere from say 3 to 20 requests a day just for our county to join the local homeschool support group on Facebook,” said Singleton.

At times that number was much higher across the state.

She said, “at one point last month we were having 500, 600, 700 requests a day for us to process and try to help all of these parents with their decisions.”

Lisa Louw homeschools her three boys, and she says this educational option provides families with a one of a kind experience.

“You can cater to your child’s education to what they are interested in,” said Louw.

“With homeschooling or a home-based education, you can tailor every aspect of it to meet your child’s needs, whether that means they need to go slower, faster. Whether that means they have different interests,” said Singelton.

Louw’s son proposed the idea of homeschooling. She said, “my eldest son attended a private school for the first five years of his education. What prompted me to consider homeschooling as I was driving him home from school one day, and he asked me if I would be willing to homeschool him because he said he was tired of listening to people curse all day and that, of course, about just broke my heart.”

She said after she transformed their home into her children’s classroom, “the first thing that I noticed as a mom was that I quit saying the word hurry up.”

She said for anyone considering homeschooling, they need to understand, “it is intimidating at first, and I will say that you’re going to have days that are extremely challenging.”

This experience extends beyond the textbooks and the learning.

“The relationship that I have with my sons is really what makes it worth it for me,” said Louw.

If parents are interested in homeschooling their children, there are free resources in Alachua County.

“We set up many years ago a homeschool library, that is held at one of our Churches on 39th Avenue,” said Singleton.

After finally making the switch, the Louw said, “within about a month or two, I said why didn’t I do this all along.”

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