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ResultsCX, a premier customer experience partner to Fortune-100 and 500 companies worldwide, is rebranding its DeviceBits artificial intelligence (AI)-powered customer assist software solutions.

The former DeviceBits software products have been renamed under the ResultsCX moniker. Academy, a self-support web-based knowledge center, is now known as SupportPredict Self Service; CareAssist, an intelligent agent assistance and live agent chat/messaging resource, is now SupportPredict Agent AI; and Bot+, an AI-powered chatbot with agent transfer functionality is now SupportPredict Bots.

ResultsCX offers resolutions-centered CX technologies that seamlessly combine agent support with SupportPredict Self Service, and Agent AI, as well as Bots to help brands achieve the right balance of human and digital interaction for their customer base.

“Brands today are quickly realizing that in order to maintain proper customer service levels, and to support the increasing remote workforce population of contact center staff, leading AI- and bot-centric solutions must be available to both customers and agents,” said Wayne White, chief information officer for ResultsCX. “These leading technologies are amplifying the overall branded customer experience that feature self-support for general and high-volume customer questions; intelligent agent assistance with live agent chat and messaging; and an AI-powered chatbot with transfer functionality for special technical or emotional issues.”

ResultsCX solutions improve overall CX efficiency without sacrificing the human element through a balanced human/digital CX model: self-service and bot technology work in concert to make transactional support easy and AI-empowered human engagement teams to resolve complex or emotional customer needs.

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically disrupted the way brands handle contact center operations. ResultsCX works with brand partners and leverages AI and bot technology to transition part or an entire CX operation to home-based agents without disrupting customer engagement levels.

Results Home Office mobilizes its PHI and PCI-compliant data center, HIPAA and HITECH-compliant practices, and CX360 management system to deliver the same quality and stability customers expect from brick-and-mortar CX operations.

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