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From virtual office meetings to household chores, there are a million excuses that come to my mind, every time I think about working out. Honestly, even though I know exercising is beneficial for my health, I sometimes lack the motivation to workout.

Speaking of which, an Indian Administrative Services (IAS) officer recently took to social media to share how she maintained her weight despite working, managing her house, and being a mother-of-two. The female officer said that it’s imperative that we focus on our fitness even during pregnancy and that we should always make health our top priority.

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Have a look at her entire post:

The Body is your temple; with your own sole responsibility! Just sharing my journey into good health & fitness. Staying healthy is important for all, more so for females. We tend to give ourselves an excuse, especially for weight gain during pregnancy.

Similar was the case with me; gaining gradual weight since my marriage in 2009 & maximum was when I delivered my Ist child in 2013. The society also makes you accept the weight gain by saying, you have become a mother, little weight gain is natural & Okay!

Nevertheless, I used to do light exercises, not regular though. But It was in late 2017s-early 2018s during my posting at Jhajjar that I started aerobics, Zumba, yoga & some exercise schedule at home. The results were quite encouraging.

So in a couple of months, I could lose around 15 kgs weight (was required as per BMI Norms) & felt overall more energetic at work & daily life. As I entered my 2nd pregnancy during the latter part of 2018, I kept on doing little yoga & some exercises as recommended by the doctor.

Post-delivery in 2020, I was determined again to be back to the body I had reached in 2018. So, efforts that started around 8-9 months bak have enabled me to reach to the level just near to my pre-pregnancy size. It’s not easy to stick to a schedule despite your office, kids & home responsibility & needs a lot of commitment. But I am happy I could do it! Off late the realization is that everything else can wait; but not health & fitness. Hope my journey into this continues.

The officer revealed how despite having a ton of responsibilities, she still chose to make health a priority. She concluded by saying that, ‘Our ignorance towards health shall be replaced by awareness!’ Many people applauded her inspirational post agreeing that fitness is very important in life: 

Well, it is essential we focus on our physical well being to live a healthy and balanced life. What do you think? Tell us!

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