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The future of work has always seemed uncertain in terms of technology, globalization and flexibility. As millions of businesses worldwide quickly closed their doors and shifted to remote working arrangements, these already anticipated changes happened quicker than expected. 

There have been two major transformations as a result of the ongoing pandemic: the workplace does not mean a singular office and leaders have grown an appreciation for their employees’ work and personal skills.

Moving forward, it is essential for business leaders and employees to learn how to operate in a hybrid workforce. This goes beyond working from home and being in the office — other divisions have grown, such as women who carry more childcare responsibilities than men or workers living in smaller apartments opposed to those who have adequate space to create their own home office. This divide was particularly evident between workers who were able to continue working from home, and those who had no choice but to physically be at work. 

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Organizations are now faced with the opportunity to create a workplace that values employees’ of various backgrounds and skill levels. The talent pool has expanded beyond one city and leaders now can choose those who truly fit the bill for a position, while creating a much more diverse workforce.

If the crisis has taught us anything, it is that changes to how, where and when we work have been long overdue, and while there is bound to be short-term pain, the opportunity for growth is within reach.

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Author: HOCAdmin