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Commissioners should put residents’ health at forefront

The recent article covering Garfield County’s Board of County Commissioners’ Tuesday work session left me more convinced than ever of the importance of electing new commissioners who will both respect state laws and put consideration of residents’ health above all other concerns in their decision making.

In late March I had a conversation with John Martin concerning the feasibility of creating a county-wide mask order. At that time I was told that the county could do only what the state required. Now, even though state law requires masks in public places the county commissioners have chosen not to enforce that law.

Mike Samson asked for clarification about the county’s intent to enforce our state’s mask order. John Martin was quoted as saying that, “While some municipalities are enforcing the mask order, the county was not.” This is just another example of blatant disregard for both state laws and resident health. What’s next? Perhaps laws regulating the oil and gas industry that drills in our backyards are a little too onerous and should be disregarded even if residents’ health is at risk.

Face masks work. They are worn, not to protect the wearer, but to protect the entire community. While the county’s virus numbers are low right now, we are already seeing a slight uptick in numbers, according to our Public Health Director. There’s nothing slight about Coronavirus if you’re part of the at-risk population or end up with long-term debilitating conditions. Large increases in case numbers could result in business closures (again) such as the ones we all experienced this spring. Wearing a mask in public places and businesses is a small inconvenience and certainly not difficult while protecting the health and economic wellbeing of others.

Garfield County’s residents need county commissioners who respect the laws and put the health of their residents at the forefront of decision-making. We have an opportunity to create a Board that will do this. A vote for Beatriz Soto and Leslie Robinson will benefit all of us in Garfield County!

Susy Ellison

Gardner doesn’t represent me

(This letter was originally addressed: Dear Senator Gardner)

Thank you for serving your country as a U.S. Senator.

I have a couple of questions I would like to ask you. First, I saw that you were in Glenwood Springs, at the RFTA facility doing a tour. Thank you for coming here. But would you come to Glenwood Springs to hold an in-person town hall? I would be happy to set up a place here for you to do so. I know I would love to be able to ask you questions, and I know a lot of your constituents here would too. I will call your Grand Junction office and leave a message with my contact information. Could you please get back to me about your willingness to come to Glenwood Springs for an in-person Town Hall?

The second question I have is about healthcare. You have stated that the competition in the private sector would drive down healthcare costs. The ACA kept the private sector in business, providing insurance for millions of people who were not covered. Yet, you have voted to repeal the ACA several times. If you are successful in repealing the ACA, people with preexisting conditions would not have to be covered. What a travesty in this time of COVID-19.

My question is, if we would have worked as hard to make the ACA a good law, as you did trying to repeal it, wasting valuable tax dollars, in how much better shape would this country be now, especially with COVID-19 crisis hanging over our heads?

You were elected to represent all of Colorado; President Donald Trump lost in Colorado by a huge margin, yet you have voted with Trump almost every time.

I do not feel I am being represented by you, or the GOP right now.
I hope you will come here and explain yourself. Until then, I will tell my fellow voters we have a choice this November as to whom we send to D.C. to represent us.

Vote. Encourage others to vote.

Update your registration at:

James Gilliam

Enjoy natural beauty of river banks

I have owned property on the Roaring Fork River for 35 years, and I have seen all kinds of things done to the riverbank. One neighbor wanted to build a gazebo on the riverbank, thankfully did not. And another, for whatever reason, cut down all the natural willows, and from that point on the riverbank started to erode. Even though we land owners own the river bank, actually we own to the middle of the river, it is part of the entire river experience for everyone, plus the health of the river itself.

I am in favor of protecting that river bank set back of 50 feet 100%, not just the 50% or 80% council is suggesting. No one is saying you can’t enjoy your property along the river, you just can’t change it’s natural terrain.

I understand that some physically challenged owners can’t get right to the rivers edge, but that should not give them the right to mar the river bank with ramps that will be a scar on the natural beauty forever. Be happy with what you are so privileged to have and just enjoy the natural beauty as it is.

John Korrie
Glenwood Springs

Woodward spilled the beans

When the president said the Coronavirus was no big deal and would be over in no time, the thought ran through my mind that flu and viruses don’t act that way, so why is he even mentioning it? His comment never made a ripple in daily conversations until we saw the virus spread. We now know he just plain lied to us and didn’t give us time to prepare for what eventually (and still is) coming. So that is history, what we should wonder about now is what else isn’t he telling us so we don’t panic? Is there a big space rock heading for Earth? Is his buddy Kim Jong Un about to launch a nuclear attack on California? Are we already over the line on CO2 in our atmosphere and there is no turning back? Is his real intent to be a despot like Putin, Kim, and others he seems to admire and befriend?

All of these are in the realm of possibility. Since Woodward spilled the beans, I guess we should start wondering about them. But don’t show panic, they can’t happen just like the virus can’t kill 200,000 citizens and shut down our economy. How do I know? Because the president tells me the stock market is at an all-time high and everything else is fake news. And finally, why is the president telling Woodward about a new top-secret nuclear weapon? I may panic on that one!

Tom Collins

A Father Speaks: Vote for Leslie Robinson

When my daughter, Leslie Robinson was born in 1952 I was a college student in Rochester, New York. She weighed in at 9 pounds, 7 ounces, with a pair of lungs heard for three doors in each direction from our modest apartment. She graduated from Lyons Township High School.

Leslie showed amazing seriousness in her studies and there was little prodding needed to have her finish her assignments. Her athleticism ranged from horseback riding to skiing where she joined the family whereever we could find snow, hitting the slopes of Colorado at least once a year. When it became time to choose a college it was no surprise she chose Colorado State. But little did I realize I had lost Leslie to Colorado’s Western Slopes forever.

Qualified as a single woman to receive a “Farmers Home Administration Loan” to purchase a home in Silt, she began to grow deep roots in your community. Leslie now resides in Rifle with her husband, Jim Bradford.
Her career varied, shining in newspaper advertising sales gave her an opportunity to get to know the local merchants and their challenges. She lately has been managing local nonprofit organizations that help solve your problems. Like me, Leslie has always been a people person.

Lately, she has engaged her brain absorbing the details of the oil and gas industry, specifically how it impacts the quality of life, water supply and land usage– issues that affect all of us. I know her bull dog tenacity, she will not let the oil and gas interests dictate county policies. She will put you first when she becomes one of your Garfield County Commissioners.

Leslie is the one person I know, firsthand, that recognizes BS for what it is. She knows how to communicate, her constituents will know where she stands on the important issues. I certainly recommend that you vote for Leslie Robinson Nov. 3, Garfield County Commissioner of the Third District.

Hugh L. Robinson, father
Savannah, GA

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