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Due to Covid-19, work from home and remote teaching has become the latest norm. With remote teaching opportunities exploding, Chromebooks have seen a surge in demand, especially in the SEA market.

Though Chromebooks are usually equipped with entry-level exponents, hence, they have fewer production costs. But recently many OEMs have been trying to manufacture premium Chromebooks and are trying to beef up their specs.

The beefing up of specs does increase the production costs of the Chromebooks. In order to combat this problem, MediaTek has taken the initiative in its hands. They plan to do so by releasing faster Chromebooks processors that are inexpensive to produce.

Mediatek in its latest announcement has stated that it will continue to further develop patents and hardware. The company terms the year 2020 as a bumper harvest for the Chromebook business.

At the latest Taiwan Education Digital Transformation conference which was attended by Quanta, Acer, MediaTek, and Google Taiwan, the senior vice president of MediaTek announced that it will continue to improve all of its Chromebook-related IP. This will help create more in-expensive Chromebooks in order to support the increasing demand, for the year 2021 and beyond.

Therefore, MediaTek’s cooperation with Acer, Quanta, and Google is a hope to leverage Taiwan’s solid foundation in the global IT industry.

What changes can be expected

Mediatek used a 28-nanometer 8173 processor its first-ever Chromebook, four years ago. But now MediaTek has announced that it will utilize TSMC’s 6nm 8195 processor in its Chromebooks which will be launched in 2021.

Unfortunately, MediaTek’s senior vice president did never tell us the exact specs for the new 6 nm SoC, however, he did mention that it will include powerful AI features. Reports suggest that the latest SoC will also be integrated with Wi-Fi 6 and 5G connectivity to meet the demands for fast video streaming and video conferencing.

MediaTek said it will continue to deploy the Chromebook market in the future, especially under the impact of the epidemic. The Internet demand created by the home office, remote teaching, and the rise in demand for online teaching, this step by MediaTek is a great strategy to boost its industry SEA market.

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