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It is not a mystery that “taking a break” from work is important, after all, even labor laws impose a period of pause for hours longer than 4 hours. Many workers enjoy the long-awaited lunch break in their routines, which certainly helps a lot.

Although it is common sense, many still neglect the stops. Some do not know how to take advantage of the rest period or end up wasting that precious time doing stressful activities instead of relaxing. At the invitation of Acer, a brand recognized for notebooks and other technology products, TecMundo prepared this text to help those who do not give due value to breaks at work.

Why take a break?

Breaks are not just meant to give workers a break. In fact, these periods provide important benefits that might not be achieved on an uninterrupted journey.

Increase productivity

It may seem counterintuitive, but taking a break from work can help you be more productive. This is because someone with altered physical and emotional states due to stress, for example, ends up not producing as they should. A break of at least 15 minutes can provide the benefit of finishing the work in progress more quickly and with quality.

Avoid stress and injury

Taking breaks can definitely reduce stress and increase productivity, in addition to helping to prevent injuries, such as the well-known repetitive strain injury (RSI), a serious condition that generates the absence of many workers. When this syndrome is diagnosed, it is recommended to leave at least 15 days, which causes the staff to be embezzled and extra expenses for the organization.

Increase creativity

Functions that require intense brain activity can end up being impaired after long periods of work, after all the employee may be mentally tired. In such cases, creative blocks are quite common.

The break can bring the necessary renewal so that the professional can resume activities with quality, raising creativity to an even higher level.

Where to find good distractions?

It is at the time of breaks that you need to find good distractions, but it is useless to resort to activities that can generate even more stress or not divert attention from problems that may be bothering you. A good tip is to choose what many already do outside office hours, such as surfing the internet and social networks, watching videos or playing casual games. If your PC cannot handle these activities, Acer machines are certainly a good option.

If you already work in front of the computer, a good way out is to completely disconnect from it and go for a walk. Another idea is to take time to talk to co-workers, preferably on matters that are not related to the service.

In the end, the important thing is to take a break. If you are going to do this in front of an Acer computer or away from it, know that pausing is essential and will benefit your professional activities.

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