Golden City School District shares protocol after student tests positive for COVID-19 –

GOLDEN CITY, Mo. – Jessica Whitener chose to homeschool her kids pre-pandemic, but she says doing so does lessen the chance for one of her children to bring any sort of virus home, though they are still taking precautions to boost their immune system.

“I’m not scared of cases. I have a lot different view on this stuff. I choose to treat my family naturally so we are really big into gut health and natural remedies,” said Whitener.

Several Golden City parents expressed concern when an elementary student tested positive for the coronavirus.

School officials emphasize that this was a community-spread case and that the school nurse was not exposed to this student.

“They went and sought medical treatment themselves is my understanding. It was not a case where we had anything to do with it, so we did not do anything with the referral or anything else,” explained Keith Rook, Superintendent for the Golden City School District.

That’s not to say the school doesn’t have a plan for this kind of scenario. They do, and it includes a backup nurse’s office and expanded training for other staff members.

“If the nurse had a case that they thought was a possibility of exposure, then they would immediately basically lock down their office. We have some secretaries trained to give medicine if need be, have other people that would be ready to fill in for her until we can get that case taken care of,” stated Rook.

Whitener says she chooses not live in fear, opting out of face masks. Instead, she relies on what she calls common sense.

“We wash our hands like we normally would you know, normal things, good hygiene. Stuff like that.”

Mr. Rook says the school is sanitizing regularly and students are socially distanced in classrooms.

Masks are optional, but recommended.

Masks are only required on school buses.

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