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We’ve all learned that connecting over a screen is far different than in person, but there are ways to make a difference.

Connections Academy, a free public school entirely online, has had seen a dramatic increase in numbers of students this year with more parents opting for online schooling.

Leigh Mathews transitioned to full-time online teaching this year at Alabama Connections Academy and she’s learned quickly that connecting with students is different.

“I try to get creative with my live lessons every week, I play music when they come into my live lesson classroom, I have a little Bitmoji classroom,” said Mathews.

Mathews says she understands the frustration, but there are ways to help lessen the stress.

“I think it’s important to have a designated workspace so that when you are at that space you are able to focus on what you’re doing, the task at hand,” said Mathews.

But making kids sit still for hours on end is not the answer, she says.

“Getting up, walking around, taking breaks, that plays a big role in the environment as well, making sure you are staying tuned to your wellness,” she advised, for both students and parents.

And even when it’s hard, patience is key.

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