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New York, NY – September 16, 2020 – Around 42 percent of the American labor force is currently working from home in response to the global pandemic. And while the trend of working from home comes with benefits like improved flexibility and easier time-management, there are real mental and physical implications that are yet to be fully understood. 

In light of this, The Ergonomics Health Association have released some new guidelines for maintaining a healthy and safe work environment. 

“The global pandemic has very abruptly pushed employees into a new home work environment. For better or worse, I strongly believe that this trend will continue in a post pandemic world too”, stated Adam Binstock, President of Ergonomics Health Association.

“We’re seeing a number of positive benefits from workers being able to work at home. People value the increased flexibility, efficiency, and independence. But it’s not a perfect solution, and these issues need to be explored”, added in Mr.  Binstock.

Meredith Chandler (OT) provides a number of useful guidelines and suggestions about ergonomics, productivity, and also overall well being. She stresses the importance of creating a separate ergonomic workspace, that will mentally prime you for a new work routine, limit distractions, and improve efficiency.

She later suggests a number of very practical steps to take in order to bring a home office up to safe ergonomic standards. Ergonomic aids are recommended such as a suitable chair, monitor risers, keyboard trays, and possibly posture correctors.

“Our organization is collecting significant data from these remote workers in order to create suitable guidelines and build an ergonomic framework.” 

“We believe employers, policy makers, and ergonomists, have a responsibility to protect these workers from the very real mental and physical challenges that come from working at home.”

There are mental health consequences for employees that have been abruptly forced to working from home. Chandler also addresses some of these issues and challenges, but admits that more research is needed. She offers some practical tips for dealing with these issues and also getting help. 

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Ergonomics Health Association is the leading body dedicated to education and promotion of healthy habits in workplace. The organization is backed by a team of experts specializing in ergonomics, chiropractic, physiotherapy, medicine, academia and more. 

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