Don’t Be Prejudiced Against Homeschooling – Wall Street Journal

Samuel James is much too kind, and perhaps defensive, in opposing Elizabeth Bartholet’s denunciation of homeschooling (“A Harvard Professor Shows Her Prejudice Against Homeschoolers,” op-ed, April 25). Behind the outcries alleging the many horrors of learning at home, one must consider the progressive agenda, i.e., maintaining a close allegiance with public education, one of the foremost supporters of the left. Possibly, Ms. Bartholet realizes that many parents would fail to promote transgenderism, gender fluidity, white guilt, diversity, multiculturalism and anticapitalism, to name a few themes. There is also the matter of religion, which the left opposes, except for the worship of government.

Avoiding “mainstream culture,” a source of Ms. Bartholet’s animus toward homeschooling, is possibly the best reason for its maintenance.

Samuel Frazer

Fort Myers, Fla.

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Author: HOCAdmin