Booing Gary Bettman and more – How a virtual NHL Draft will maintain tradition – The Athletic

At precisely 7 p.m. ET on Oct. 6, the lights will come on in the NHL Network studios in Secaucus, New Jersey, and NHL commissioner Gary Bettman will come on screen to start a draft unlike any in the history of the league.

Deputy commissioner Bill Daly will be in studio with the commissioner.

Will there be cascades of boos for Bettman to make everyone feel both slightly awkward and a little at home?

We’ll get to that.

Behind the two well-known league executives will be a draft board similar to the giant draft tote board that is traditionally the focal point of the draft.

Connected electronically to the NHL Network studios will be the draft broadcast sets for NBC Sports and Sportsnet, the NHL’s two national broadcast rights holders in Stamford, Connecticut, and Toronto, respectively. In the 31 cities that make up the NHL world, there will be cameras and electronic gear connecting each of the 31 teams’ draft headquarters to…

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