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20 Unique Home Gifts Your Maximalist Friends Will Love

These days, instead of reading in bed, I spend my last waking hours on Instagram saving home-decor ideas. It’s probably because fall is coming and I’m looking to give my space a seasonal refresh. Although I spend way more time looking than shopping, I’m one step closer to finding the accessories that will enhance my maximalist aesthetic. My loft is an urban jungle with over 15 plants, I have flower arrangements on almost every surface, my gallery wall is filling up with prints, and my deep brown chesterfield couch is adorned with differently patterned throw pillows. If it wasn’t for my husband, I would have probably invested in some removable wallpapers, but since marriage is a compromise, I’m content just admiring them on popular decor feeds. All this to say: I’m a proud maximalist. I feel the most inspired when surrounded by bold furniture and quirky objects that express my personality. Sound like you or someone you know? Consider these unique home accessories that will not only make someone’s day, but also add a splash of personality to their space. Related: 30 Stunning Finds You Can Shop From These Incredible Home Makeovers

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