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If rolling on your office chair from your desk to the shredder and back again is your only form of exercise these days, perhaps it’s time to think about some sneaky ways to exercise at work.

Lindsay Junk, President of YogaSix, is married to another fitness pro Ryan Junk, President of CycleBar and between the two of them have over 50 years of combined experience in the fitness industry. Between CycleBar’s 200+ and YogaSix’s 50+ locations, Ryan and Lindsay are definitely movers and shakers in the fitness and business industry.

Lindsay shared these tips for exercising more at work:

Walk with me, talk with me: Lindsay said that she likes to walk outside and take calls which for her “kills a couple of birds with one stone. I get some light exercise, fresh air and knock out something on my to do list. I usually return to my desk and write notes after the call is over.”

Pack it up baby: Another strategy that works for Lindsay is to “pack workout clothes and sign- up for a fitness class directly after work (don’t go home!). She says that “Booking and paying for the class holds me accountable to having a hard stop on my work so I can make it on time. It also helps to have a co-worker to join for additional accountability.”

Race to the finish: If the only thing that you and your co-workers do together is share birthday cake, you might want to sign up for a race together and train in the a.m. before work. Lindsay says, “This is a great team builder along with motivator for that early wake-up.”

Some other ideas for exercising stealthily at work:

Don’t sit it out: My friend Michele swears by her yoga ball which keeps her from slouching and also works her core. I’ve been trying out the QOR360 chair which is ergonomically designed and has a rocker technology that allows it to move in all directions. It is not easy to get used to (read ALL the instructions before even trying) but it is a fun way to keep me moving while my fingers race across the keyboard.

Or just stand for a while: Last August I mentioned my love for my standing desk  Seville Classics AIRLIFT Tempered Glass Electric Standing Desk which is both incredibly stylish and also serves a dual purpose- it gets me up and out of my seat. If you’re new to standing desks, try alternating every hour between sitting and standing.

It’s like riding a bike: For those of you who find business travel to be a loop between heading to a meeting and then heading straight to bed, find out if your hotel offers free exercise equipment. For instance, when I stayed at the Confidante Hotel last year they offered a free bike and helmet to explore Miami Beach on my own. (Be sure to check for charges though since some Hyatt properties charge for bike rentals while others are free).

Or a slightly updated bike: Or treat yourself (and maybe your co-workers?) to the newest Bowflex indoor cycling bike – the C6 – which offers high-quality design and compatibility with multiple cycling apps, like Peloton, for less than half the price of a Peloton bike. One caveat though, the seat is adjustable, but only lowers to a certain point meaning that anyone below a certain height might find it a bit of a strain. You can even take a fifteen-minute break and connect to your favorite app, train with your fave trainer and then head back to your monitor all without breaking that much of a sweat.

Switch coffee places: If you usually do the coffee run at the place next door, find a spot that’s a few blocks away instead. And then if you feel like you need an extra boost, find one a few blocks away from that one.

Walk around the block: While it’s harder during winter months (yes, I fell off the bandwagon) I sometimes set a timer and give myself 10 minutes to leave my home office and simply walk around the block. It reminds me that nature exists…and people do too!

Jog in place: Waiting for the microwave to ding so you can have that cup of tea? Jog in place while you wait or do some jabs or squats or anything that revs up your energy for a short while.

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